Monday, January 30, 2012

Coming right along!

Things are poking right along here at the Ivy Hill! I had started to believe that our eggplant seeds were a total wash, until this morning when I was greeted by this:

Yup! That's a tiny little eggplant poking its head out from the soil! (If you look real close... you can see it right smack dab there in the middle! LOL) I also noticed that after this picture was taken there is a bit of fuzzy stuff on my peat pots! EGAD!

The celery is coming right along as well.

This was on 1-26

Same pot... but today 1-30

And the tomatoes are doing fantastic!!

I can't wait to start getting everything ready for outside! This morning it was quite cold! Of course, husband fell asleep on the couch with the windows wide open... and the heater on. LOL What the heck! Way to be sufficient there honey! *forehead smack*

In other news! Tomorrow I get to start broccoli, carrots (hopefully), and cauliflower!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tomato heads!

So, I got a day late start starting out seeds, I got them started on the 16th instead of the 15th, but it was only a day, so it's not like I started them a month late! ;-)

The other day I noticed that they had just started to poke their little tiny seed heads through the ground. Today when I woke up, I found this:

They're SO CUTE!!

I can't wait to get things in the ground, that's for sure! :-)