Sunday, May 6, 2012

Free Ducks!

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So, the past 2 days have been KILLER!!

I somehow managed to rope my friend Billy into coming to help me build this enclosure for the ducks. We THOUGHT it would only take the day of Saturday, and we would would have it done! Well... neither of us accounted for the fact that we are not the worlds best carpenters.

We got SLIGHTLY farther than this on Saturday. We managed to get all 4 walls completely up, the door in, and a support beam in the center. We then realized that it was going to start pouring down rain. We got all of the equipment inside about the time that the Heavens opened and the rain came down in buckets!

So, after church today, the kids and I went to our FAVORITE fast food place. It's called Cook-Out. You can get a main item, TWO side items, and a drink for less than $5. If you want a shake (which are some of the best in the universe might I add) it's $1 more. Today, I got the PB shake. It brought me back to Cincy where you can get the worlds BEST PB shake any corner UDF store. Haven't had one since then. It was DELISH! I may have a new addiction!

After lunch, we got back to work. We got the fencing on the outside, and the chicken wire on the top. I got most of it tied together, but the one section on the very outer edge isn't done. It overlaps quite a bit, and we don't really have many predators here, so I'm not super worried. 

The only things left to do are: Get support beams for between the 12' sections, build a ramp of some sort for the kiddie pool, a cinder block or something so they can get OUT of the pool, and putting the chicken wire on the bottom of the inside. 

 I thought this picture was really funny because Lilly was watching them hard core! Dusty is infatuated by them and every time she goes outside she walks around it about 209 times before I go out there and get her. LOL

We also ordered our chickens today. I believe we're going to have to build another enclosure for the chickens. It just doesn't look like there's going to be enough room for both the ducks and chickens in that enclosure. We won't get the chickens until July. Unfortunately, in all the mock order that I put in with that hatchery, I never noticed that they had an option to pay when the chicks were ready to ship. I could have had them by now. :-( Oh well. It's all for the best I think. :-)

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  1. I'm pretty impressed - I'm pretty sure I couldn't put something like that together!

    And did you have to mention a peanut-butter shake from UDF on the day I've recommitted to eating healthier? Heh.

  2. Okay this is probably a really dumb question, but when keeping ducks do you need to let them fly for exercise or anything? Or are their wings clipped? We already keep chickens but I'm considering ducks and wondering about the logistics...

    1. We are first time duck owners ourselves, but, from everything that I have read, they do need exercise. They don't need to fly tho. Our ducks don't have clipped wings, tho some people do that, they're just too young and don't have flight feathers. They like to stand up and flap their wings tho! Cutest thing ever! Our mallards will have the capability of flying, but since our run is covered, they won't fly away. The Pekins on the other hand will more than likely just be too big for much of any flight. :-) One place that I go to ask all my questions/get information/converse with other chicken & duck owners is Great place!! Give it a try. :-)


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