Saturday, December 3, 2011


So, as of right now, Ivy Hill Farm is a small garden in our side yard, but we have big plans for Ivy Hill!

I'm Jacque, my husband is Sam and we have 2 kids Monk and Buggy (not their real names). We plan on turning Ivy Hill into a 15-20 acre mostly self sustaining farm in the next few years!

Of course, Sam has just gotten out of the Marine Corps, and is going to be going to school hopefully in the fall of 2012. We live in the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, Jacksonville to be more exact, but will probably move to Raleigh or Charlotte after he graduates. We want to stay south, and Raleigh is about as far north as I want to go, despite being born and raised in Ohio!

Right now we're in the planning stages of our 2012 garden. We currently have 6 raised beds, one of which is dedicated to strawberries. We plan on adding 3 more beds this spring. Last year we planted blueberries, grapes, raspberries, and mulberries. The year before that we planted 2 apple trees and a pear tree. We got fruit from all 3 trees this year, but had to pull all of it off early because of Hurricane Irene.

This year, I'm hoping that I can get some large pots in the garden and get some flowers in there to attract some bees and beneficial insects. Last year we had quite a time trying to keep all the bad bugs off of our veggies!

For now, there won't be a whole lot of updating that we can do, but, I will surely update as soon as we get something to update for! :-)

We look forward to a prosperous season in 2012, and we hope that you will be back to share in our adventures of being more sustainable!

~ Jacque

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