Sunday, March 11, 2012

Been a while!

So, it's been a while. Sorry about that.

It turned out to be a pretty bad start for my seedlings. :-(

Since we don't have very good lighting in our house, all the seedlings get really leggy. What we really need is to get a grow light. We're going to be investing in one of those this off season. I've got a plan to make a PVC stand for the light to hang on. It will be about 4 ft long and about 2 ft wide. I think we will put it on top of one of the dogs crates in the laundry room. That way it will be out of the way, but still accessible.

The tomatoes were doing really well! I had 4 of them that were really starting to get big and had true leaves. I transplanted them into larger containers and started setting them outside for some natural light. One day, DS and I were working in the garden and we decided to take a break. I was then distracted by the husband asking about dinner, and saying that he wanted to have potato salad and I completely forgot the plants were outside! I woke up at 3 that morning and went "Oh my gosh!! I forgot the plants outside!" It wasn't good. They were okay, but very weak. Then one of the dogs tails decided that it was going to finish off 3 of my large plants. I've basically had to start my tomatoes over. Two months of growing wasted by leggy plants. *sigh*

The eggplants are doing rather well! I transplanted them, and I've been setting them outside. I thought I was going to lose them for a while because they were looking a bit rough around the edges, but, since I put them into some compost to get them out of the seed starting mix, they have really started to perk up!

The kids and I planted mesclun, butter lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower in the beds yesterday. We cleaned out the last bed that needed to be done. I worked on the strawberry bed as well. I also found a black widow in the strawberries! Thank goodness I had enough sense to stop when I seen the web and stick the scissors in there instead of my hand! It could have been very bad! DH was at a doctors appointment, and my car was almost out of gas. If I would have gotten bit, it could have been very very VERY bad!

Anyways, I've got to get ready for church! I'm going to put the plants out for some light and hit the shower. It's currently 40, but is supposed to warm up to 65! Hopefully this is the last "cold" night we have so I can really get some things in the garden!

Hopefully, I'll be a bit better about this blog as well! I'm sure once things start popping up, we will get some pictures going and I'll have more ambition to post! :-)

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