Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jackie-O and Annie

So, before Spring Break, my daughter was furiously working to learn as much about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and she INSISTED we call Jacqueline Kennedy, for her 3rd grade project, The Living Wax Museum.   Her and 3rd grade her peers had to pick a figure, learn about them, and make a presentation dressed up like them to the rest of the 3rd grade classes and parents. (They split them into 2 groups) Bug had first picked Taylor Swift, but was sick the day that they had to turn their slips in. Two other girls wanted to be Taylor Swift, so, she had to choose someone else. She finally settled on Jackie-O.

At first I didn't know WHAT I was going to do to dress her like Jackie-O! There are a lot of vintage dress patterns out there that Jackie-O would have worn, but they don't come in Bugs size! Some dresses she can still wear a 5 or 6! (She will be 9 in June btw) I searched everywhere I could possibly think to look. I had a lot of people suggest sites, but none of them actually had a childs sized pattern, and being such a beginner seamstress, I had NO idea how to make that work. Finally I looked to handy Pintrest for an idea. And I found the wonderful Jessica at Me Sew Crazy had a fantastic tutorial on her blog about how to make a small sized Jackie-O dress! (view here) Bug was super excited about wearing this dress! And of course, the day before her presentation, she comes down with strep throat! She mad the honor roll again, and the ceremony was Monday. I talked to her teacher and we set up a time for her to do her presentation on Wednesday, and that was that! Of course, she did have her speech memorized, but after a week and a half of no school, she forgot it! It was okay tho. She did very well on her presentation. I was so proud of her!

I made the dress, the pillbox hat, and the 3 strand "pearl" necklace. Quite proud of myself actually! It wasn't super complicated, but it was the most complicated thing I think I've ever made! Of course, she was the only one on Wednesday to be in costume, but that was okay. She got a lot of compliments from teachers on her way to her classroom. Apparently after I left, 3 of her friends "claimed dibs" on her dress, gloves, and hat.

On Saturday we had gone to the Farmers Market, and while we were there, the kids were both given a coupon for a free Frosty at Wendys. Now, normally we don't do much eating out, but Wendys is one of the places that we do go, as well as Chick-fil-a and CiCis Pizza. Well, after church on Sunday, we went to go pick up some medicine on base, and eat at Wendys so the kids could use their free coupons. Both of the kids got kids meals, and inside was a "travel sized" Apples to Apples. We sat there and played the game, had some good laughs and we decided that we were going to buy the game on the way home at Walmart.

Apparently it was fate that we showed up there when we did. In the parking lot we find this tiny little puppy. As a family, we had already talked about how we weren't going to get another dog, that we had 3 dogs, and 4 ducks, and that was enough. Well, this tiny little puppy did not have a very promising future in the Walmart parking lot, and DD looked up at DH with her big blue eyes and said "But she's so cute!" and that's all it took. We walked out with Apples to Apples Jr, a small bed, a leash, a collar, and a puppy. She was dirty and I found ONE flea on her. Our next stop was to Tractor Supply so we could pick up some dog food and since I had found a flea, some flea shampoo. Not knowing how old she was, I didn't want to get a real harsh one, but, they ALL say 12 weeks and up, but we ended up with a flea shampoo with oatmeal in it. I just couldn't risk her giving the rest of the dogs fleas! None of them are on flea preventative, and we have not had a problem at all. I would like to keep it that way! She curled right up in Monkeys lap and went right to sleep. Bug decided to name her after our music director at church, Annie. (Notice the cross on her butt?)

We get home, and I walk thru the front door and straight to the bathroom to give her a bath. She's scared, but allows me wash her up with minimal fight. I mix her some of the puppy milk we got, and some of the puppy kibble. She CHOWED DOWN like there was no tomorrow!

Then, she took a nice nap in her new bed. (We used Lillys old crate. I guess now I know why I never got around to selling it!)

The first couple days, Dusty was not fond of her at all. She actually tried to pull her out of the crate by her ear!! So, we decided that she should wear her track muzzle around her for a while. She's doing better now, and will even let her play with her a little bit. Lilly isn't too fond of her yet, but this morning she played with her a tiny bit, but growled at her when Annie tried to puppy play with her. Doc, on the other hand, doesn't care one way or the other, as long as she doesn't bite him.

She has made quite the impact on my sleep. Sometimes I feel like I am running on fumes when I get up in the morning. Taking her out to potty in the middle of the night 3-4 times is exhausting! I feel like I have a newborn baby! LOL

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  1. LOVE the dress - she looked very Jackie O in it :) And the puppy is too cute. But I still think you guys are crazy. You really DO need a farm! LOL


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