Friday, February 15, 2013

Gratuitous cute scene! (beware of cuteness overload!)

So, we were hoping that we would be able to show you all ALL the hatchlings, but, it doesn't look like this was a very successful hatch. :-/ We had one die after it pipped, on that doesn't look like its going to make it, and absolutely nothing on the entire rest of the eggs, save maybe 2 or 3. We're going to give it until Monday, and hopefully SOMETHING will pop out! LOL We do still have our 3 ducklings that hatched at a friends house. One was a little weaker than the others, but she's doing just fine now! :-)

Anyways, we promised some pictures, so here they are!

And here's a little behind the scenes look. I was giving the little weak one some molasses for energy. (Then I found out that it wasn't the best idea because it's used as a cleanse... oops!)

And we did finally get our bunnies!! 





Almost all of our seeds have come up, except the peppers and eggplant. I think it's not warm enough for them yet. I really need to get a heating mat for them, or build some sort of "warming tray" for them. We DID make a light hanger out of PVC pipe earlier this week. I will see if I can't get some pictures of that up soon as well! 

I think that's about it for us today! 

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