Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So exciting!!!

     So, the other day our friend Pam got a new 200 egg capacity incubator and was begging for eggs to incubate from anyone and everyone in our local barnyard group. So, we chipped in and gave her 7 chicken eggs, and 2 duck eggs yesterday. This morning I sent her a text asking her if she had set any of them yet, and if we could bring over a couple more duck eggs to toss in. She said that was fine because she hadn't set any of the eggs yet. So, we took her 2 more duck eggs and 3 more chicken eggs for a total of 10 chickens and 4 ducks. The deal was that she would give us back all the duck eggs because she didn't want the ducks, and she would keep half the chicks that hatched. I told her that it was a fair deal and that I looked forward to having some new "fuzzy butts" in the house.

     Well, when we got there, she surprised us with her old incubator! I was so shocked! I thanked her profusely and we sat and visited for a while before she had to take her daughter to a doctors appointment.

     I've got it plugged in right now to get the temperature set correctly, and if all goes well, we should be able to put some more duck eggs in there, and some more chicken eggs as well!!

     We're so very excited about hatching our very own eggs!

     We also planned out the garden for this year. We're adding 2 more watermelon types, one of which Sam wants to try growing vertically, a couple different tomatoes, one of which being small cherry tomatoes, and some dry beans! We should be starting seeds here in the next week or two, so that will be exciting!

     Gretchen also turned into a Gregg, and the friend that we got him from is certain that he is a full runner duck. He has turned into a BEAUTIFUL black/grey/silver color! Another one of our friends has a fawn runner and wants to breed them to see what colors we would get. I told her that when he's old enough to breed that would would put them together for a few weeks and we would set some eggs! Of course, now we can hatch them in our new incubator! :-D

     The same friend that wants to breed runner ducks with us also gave us a new rooster as well! He's about 3 months older than Robbie and has a full tail! He's not show quality because he has white in his tail, but he is a beautiful bird! Sam named him Scrappy because he is a feisty fella! He's also a Buckeye. I can't say enough nice things about the breed. They are very adaptable. They're friendly. They're dual purpose birds, so they can be used for meat or eggs. And they're just beautiful!

     Here is a picture of Scrappy

     Isn't he a pretty boy?! I just love him.

     That's all we have for now! Hopefully we will have some more for you soon!

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