Friday, January 25, 2013

Update on Gregg and assorted other oddities.

So, Gregg was REALLY limping around badly outside, and he was getting chased all over the place, and I just felt horrible for him, so I bought him inside for a few days. He was fairly immobile in the chick brooder, tho it was big enough for him to turn around and move a bit, he preferred to stay rather still. Gregg spent a couple of days inside with us, getting extra love and treats, and today we checked to see how his leg was doing. The swelling is almost completely gone, and he can walk on it again. I decided that he needed to be with his Lily duck, so we put him out there. Lily and he reunited, and then Steve had to chase him around for a bit so he would remember that he's the "2nd in command" drake.

We also got our seeds today! I was so excited! Sixteen year old me would have NEVER thought that I would be so excited about chickens, incubating, and growing a garden in my 30s, but here I am! I'm LOVING it! I wish I had more space so I could have more ducks, chickens, and more garden, but this is what we have, and eventually, we will get a bigger place. As my mom always said "Ya gotta work with what ya got little one!" and she is completely right!

In other completely off the wall news! We are going to be remodeling a few things around here, FINALLY! Sam has okay'd some wood laminate for the laundry/dog room, the kitchen, and the dining room. I'm hoping that for around $2000 we will have a completely "new house!" I think the flooring will be the most expensive part. The most time consuming part will be mudding all the walls, patching any holes, and then sanding before we paint. Since we live in a modular, the walls all have this textured wall board. It's either mud over it, or find inexpensive wallpaper and wallpaper over it. I'll take my chances with the mud!

It was also a sad day on Ivy Hill. One of our friends is going to have to have bypass surgery, and had to sell off all of her birds. We went to Wilmington to pick them up and have distributed the majority of them to their new homes. One have one more person that is supposed to come tonight to pick up the remaining birds, and  they will all be gone. :-(

I'm going to be sure to hatch her some chickens and ducks when she gets better. I know they won't be her originals, but, at least she will have some babies to love! :-)

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